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I am confident my education and diverse employment background make me ideally suited for a Web Developer position. My years of experience demonstrate growth and adaptability. I know my technical and managerial skills will allow me to be an exceptional asset for your administration in the long run.

During a recent position at DePaul University i.D. (Innovation and Development) Lab I was required to know WordPress C.M.S. very well and Photoshop. I was accountable for setting up their host/ domain for new websites, researching relevant plugins, helping web designers, proposing new ideas for their websites, and writing the SEO for each webpage. In this position I was able to interact with other developers at DePaul. Prior to this I was at U.I.C. College of L.A.S. and I was honored to work on the implementation of over 30 websites for all departments in this College. As a Web Specialist I was responsible on the data migration from Sitefinity C.M.S. to WordPress C.M.S. I had to constantly communicate with other Web Specialists, Graphic Designers, Faculty, and Staff from U.I.C. Before this, I also had the opportunity to work as a Web Developer for PyroWeb fire safety. I was required to be present at 1871 in Merchandise Mart once a week, which was once ranked the number 1 business incubator in the U.S. I completed various projects for PyroWeb including: E-mail campaigns, creating their social media, and fixing a slider on their homepage. Finally, I interned for Kayhan International as an I.T./Web Intern. This position involved implementing a new user-friendly website using WordPress C.M.S., which targeted the healthcare furniture market. There were many weekly group meetings for the planning stages. I was very involved in learning WordPress and training others on how to manage it. We prepared and conducted a presentation for the new website at the U.I.C. College of Business Student Exposition and won first place.

My references include: Scott F. Rozman (sfrozman@uic.edu), who is the Webmaster of U.I.C. College of L.A.S., Dr. Maria De Los Angeles Torres (torresma@uic.edu), who is the Executive Director of I.U.P.L.R., and many more. I value teamwork, and my organizational skills help me implement independent projects as well. I learn quickly, respond well to change, and have the necessary experience to make significant contributions. If you have any questions, please contact me via email or at (773) 289-6176. Thank you for your time.


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